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Hi Larry,

I got the guitar yesterday and it’s fantastic…certainly the best sounding LP style I’ve ever heard!! The pickups are just insane. I’ve been playing it thru a “62 Tremolux and ’62 Deluxe, and it’s tone heaven!
Robert S., USA (Manalishi)

June 8, 2018

I gigged LD-005 for the first time last night. The clarity, responsiveness and versatility put the guitar in a league of its own. I ended up using lower gain settings because the guitar does so much of the work for you. Great job!
Geoff W., U.K. (Procol Harum) (Little Dog)

April 24, 2018

Still loving Big Dog 001 (fun to have the 001 of anything!). For those who may not appreciate it, the Big Dog is, at its core, the equivalent of Jeff Beck’s 1954 modified Oxblood Les Paul, with the traditional ’54 wraparound tailpiece, but humbuckers in place of P-90s (think the Blow by Blow album), for a small fraction of the price of a Gibson repro. This is enhanced by the M-spec wiring, allowing for tuneful coil splits, as well as phase shift and cocked-wah tonal options. Plus Larry’s chambered body to enhance resonance and reduce the weight, and the NTN finish to let the wood be heard. This is just a brilliant combo of wood, steel, wire and magnets, and the restraint to let them be heard for themselves, for those who take the time to figure it out (and give their wallets a break at the same time). Great job, Larry, for focusing on the stuff that matters, and delivering a guitar that can make music. Thank you!
Roger L., USA (Big Dog)

April 24, 2018

Man!! I love the little dog!! Played it on a gig last night. I will probably order another soon! Thanks much, and have a great weekend!
Mark W., USA (Fury)

April 24, 2018

Hi Larry,
It’s been a couple of months now with my Corsa Fury, and I just wanted to touch base and check in.
The guitar is great, greater than great actually! I play for at least an hour every day and on the weekends, three times that.
I just wanted to say hello and thank you once again for such a wonderful guitar. I can’t say that enough. It is exactly what I was looking for and really, so much more.
It just keeps getting better and better the more I play! Everything is working well and it’s the highlight of my day to come home and pick it up.
The only thing that keeps me from playing it more is available time. I hope all is well with you and your family and of course, Corsa Guitars.
All the very best,
Jeff C., USA (Fury)

April 7, 2018

On to the good news, the BDS (Big Dog Special prototype) arrived last night and it exceeds all of my expectations!! I am truly floored about how great of an instrument you have made.
It is way lighter than my Fenders, the neck feels amazing, great profile and feel. It just felt right as soon as I picked it up, it just makes you want to play.
I haven’t plugged it in yet, but it sings unplugged. I love the finish, it is a beautiful guitar. I’ll give a better write-up later on, but just wanted to share my initial impressions.
This is the best guitar I have ever played!!!!
Bill C., USA (Big Dog Special)

July 30, 2017

Dear Larry,

I am really enjoying Big Dog 001! The spankiness that comes from the wrap-around compensated bridge is great – less sag on the attack than a Tune-o-Matic or trapeze, and I really like having that (almost Tele-like attack) on a humbucker-equipped guitar. The authenticity and nuance in the tone from letting the wood be heard (together with quality electronics and hardware) is awesome – so, so many guitars today lose that basic concept, even “boutique” guitars costing twice as much but sound antiseptic, instead of sounding like a musical instrument. Last but not least, the flexibility that the pickups and wiring provides is terrific – the split-coil sounds really are good and full (not anemic or brittle), and in humbucker mode you get the fullness, but they are still very articulate. Terrific guitar – thank you!
Roger L., USA (Big Dog)

July 30, 2017

Hi Larry,
The guitar is really quite amazing. It’s exactly the sound I was seeking. I just can’t believe it. I have never heard anything like that, previously. The Mass.Effect tone system is also equally impressive. The volume and tone control knobs are very interactive. They produce a wide variety of amazing tones, even, the Mass.Effect tone system, engaged. I was actually quite shocked. I just couldn’t believe that I finally found that perfect tone. I didn’t want to put the guitar down. The guitar feels and plays great. It’s really an incredible guitar. It may even qualify as a work of art. Thanks for the great guitar.
Thank You,
Bruce P. USA (LCPG M-Spec)

May 26, 2017

Hi Larry,
I wanted to give you some feedback on the custom Big Dog, it’s been a while since it arrived, but I wanted to really get to know it and what it could do before I gave you a report. It got here fine and plays beautifully right out of the box, lovely set up. I really like the slightly bigger than ’59 neck you did for me, that works very well for me. At about 6 lbs, it’s very lightweight, very comfortable. It has a surprising acoustic volume, you can really feel it as you strum, not many electrics can do that – I suppose that comes partly from the sound chambering, partly from the very thin finish, and partly from quality hardware, but it’s very impressive. Plugged in, it does the humbucker Les Paul thing beautifully, and I love the out-of-phase tone. Split the bridge coil and it does a pretty good impression of a Tele bridge pickup, and with both pickups split and the out-of-phase on, it does a really usable version of the Strat bridge/middle combination I like so much. In fact does pretty much everything you could want a 6 string electric to do, all in one guitar.

Paul G. USA (Big Dog)

May 23, 2017

Hi Larry
Just touching base, and testifying to the considerable power of Little Dog #13.
To all those potential Corsa guitar buyers out there, all i can say is this: any guitar that helps you to inherently critique and re-evaluate your playing style is truly a gift. This is notable because i am lucky enough to own a guitar that really can’t be equaled. Sorry Larry! So any other guitar gets rated against that standard. Forget about “playing”. Little Dog #13 plays very well, but what’s even better is that it gives me songs. Songs have the potential to pay the rent. To me that is a the real measure of any guitar. If your guitar(s) isn’t giving you songs, well, it’s gotta go! So yeah, a Little Dog represents rock solid value to those who understand some sonic fundamentals: one piece body, one piece neck, good hardware, and a well matched pickup. Non-coffin finish. I had to save and scrimp for mine. In so many ways it’s already paid for itself. It’s now my daily player and it’s really special. Yep!

Kevin M. USA (Little Dog)

May 16, 2017

Dear Larry,
It’s been nearly 3 years with my beloved LCPG. It is simply the best guitar I ever played, the neck is great, the tone is incredible and I loved how it seems to be a « sensitive » guitar…

Able to meow like a peaceful kitten and also jump at your throat like a ferocious yet sensual cheetah…

Alexandre a’A.,(LCPG)

May 16, 2017

WOW. WOW. and WOW again. The guitar arrived safe and sound. 5 strings in tune and 1 really close. Beautiful. Feather light. But why tell you? You know. It sounds WONDERFUL. And feels better. I’m not a tall person and have fairly small hands. This guitar fits me. Getting vibrato on the upper frets is easy – and with the tonal control and options – not only the Peter Green tones are available, but the fluty Clapton tones I’m partial to. The textures, sustain and everything I hoped for is there.

Tonally – with all those variations – it reminds me of not just excellent LPs and LP Jrs., but covers the wide ground of my 12 pound 1969 low impedance LP Professional – the most versatile guitar I’ve ever seen, but playable only if you preemptively wear a back brace. The push-pull switching options are genius and work better than any coil splitting I’ve played. (Eat your heart out PRS.)

I haven’t tried it yet with anything other than a little Pro Jr. and reverb. Can’t wait to play it out — probably at a jam session on Sunday and a gig next Friday.

Thank you Larry. We’ll be communicating again.

Dave F., USA (Big Dog)

Dave F., USA (Big Dog) March 25, 2017

Dear Larry—-

All I can say is: WOW! WOW! WOW! Sorry it took this long after I received Little Dog 002 to respond but have been playing non stop, as this thing turns your sandwich into a rock and roll banquet. The 50’s neck is perfect for my hands and the Faber parts help give her a bell like quality. It is a tonal monster. And with teeth too, yet completely simple and easy to achieve a rich variety of tones. Just perfect. I had owned many a vintage guitar back in the day when they weren’t ‘vintage’ but simply ‘used’, and it blows all of them out of the water. Had been thinking I start saving for a Manalishi carved top, but given how fine the Little Dog is, I’m not so sure I need one! One thing for certain is my ’94 Standard LP is going up for sale!
Thanks so much again and all blessings to you,

Anderson L. USA (Little Dog),

November 23, 2016

Hi Larry,
I played the LD with my Friedman Phil X halfstack this morning.
Great tone, better than my Gibson R8.
The cocked wah Sound is awesome. Never heard such a Sound before.
Its the most versatile 1 pickup guitar I have played in over 45 years.
Your new models are looking cool.

Pete S., Germany (Little Dog Custom)

Pete S., Germany Little Dog Custom July 6, 2016

This guitar is overwhelming ruthless. There’s nothing even close regardless of price. This guitar is so bad ass I don’t even know what to say about it. I absolutely love it man. So glad I got this thing. Everything about it is correct. The sonic capability and clarity of tone is phenomenal and does everything you claim it to do. Unreal! I’m seriously considering getting the P90 also…Thank you for a kick ass guitar Larry, I would not consider anything else.

Roman M., USA (Little Dog)

May 21, 2016

Larry, I’ve had the Little Dog for about two weeks now and just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying it. Great concept and execution!

Ryan Q., USA (Little Dog)

April 3, 2016

Hi Larry, I wanted to let you know we have received the Little Dog in perfect shape yesterday. I was able to open it up last night and play it for a while and I must say I am very impressed. The sound is amazing and the build quality is just awesome. I am so impressed that such great guitar gets built by one man and by hand. It’s great to know someone out there is taking so much pride in building a custom guitar. I would much rather have one of your custom hand built guitars than have one built by a big name company where it would go through so many automated machines and pasted back and forth from person to person who don’t have any idea of who the customer is and really don’t care who it is. Thank you so much for working with me to build these custom guitars made just the way I want them. I will never part with these perfect amazing guitars. I will cherish them for the rest of my life. Thanks again.

Eric W., USA

April 3, 2016

Hi Larry-

It’s looking great. Your work is for sure second to none and really blows me away and I’m still enjoying my LCPG PO90 and PO93. They are such hot guitars and have a sweet sound that I have not heard from any other guitar I own or have ever played. The guitars you make for me will never be sold and I look forward to passing them down to my kids someday “that is if I don’t take them with me” I also look forward to one day stepping up to a Manalishi. Thank you for the update and please take your time with it as I’m in no rush.

Take care my friend.
All my best to you and your family.

March 21, 2016

Hi Larry, I got the guitar this evening. I only got to play it a bit before having to put it back in the case to take it with me down to Georgia. It looks great and feels even better. I love the finish. It is fast but gives my hand something to dig in to for bends. The 59 neck profile is fantastic. The setup is great. I was able to get a great range of tone with it, much more so than an esquire. I really liked the clean tones I was getting, which I don’t usually like on other single pickup guitars…I think it is a fantastic guitar that suits my needs perfectly. I am initially most impressed by how good it sounds through the entire sweep of the tone pot and how good it sounds unplugged. It is loud but also has more depth or character than other high end electrics I own. I still have one historic and it sounds dead unplugged compared to this.
I’m playing it through a modified peavey classic 20 and a 2×12 cab I put together for it. I love how it sounds. Like I said, I played a lot of esquires and single pickup guitars before. This can do everything an esquire or junior can do plus everything I personally want a lp style 2 HB guitar to do. I still like having a nice single coil neck tone to go to sometimes, but don’t really like bolt neck guitars or fender scale if I have a choice.

Chris L., USA

December 13, 2015

Want you to know the guitar arrived safe and sound. Very very nice looking guitar. I’m so glad I picked that top. That flame is exceptional. I tuned it up and I’ve just begun to put it through a little sound check. Tuned up well. Intonation is very good. That compensated tailpiece combo is very nicely designed. I like the cocked wah feature – it only seems to kick in when tone knob is up and on “0” – correct?

Kirk F., USA

Note by Larry Corsa: Yes, for the “cocked wah,” simulated out of phase tone, the tone pot is pulled up and set on 0 (zero).

December 13, 2015

I chose the trade-up option when I considered purchasing a guitar from Larry. The process couldn’t have been simpler. I sent Larry 4 pictures of my guitar to consider for a trade, and Larry was more than fair on his assessment of my guitar and he gave me a more than fair price towards my LCPG build. Larry kept me informed during the whole build process and before I knew it my guitar arrived with no problems. I’ve got to say I was floored when I opened the case. I was sent pictures of the guitar during the build and when it was completed, but the pictures didn’t do it justice, man it is a beautiful guitar from start to finish! Larry’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is on par with any top luthier out there. In my opinion he should be included in a top Luthier list! My build specs were to the letter and my request to add the Manalishi Dog Logo to the toggle switch back plate made the guitar uniquely mine! Now let’s talk about TONE! Larry is true to his word by producing an extremely resonant instrument that sings unplugged. I have shown and played it for some friends that own Les Paul’s and they can’t believe the resonance and response of my guitar. In summing it up I am extremely pleased with the guitar that Larry built for me, anyone that is considering purchasing a Les Paul ( I have owned many, and still own one) should look at Larry’s website and what he has to offer – you will not be disappointed. I am the proud owner of a LCPG Corsa Burst! Thank You Larry…

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great guitar. I’ve been living with the Manalishi #069 for a few months now, and it has become my favorite guitar–tons of harmonic overtones, great sustain, etc. It’s not too hard on the eyes, either. I’ve been converted to a true believer regarding the thin nitro finish and your chambering method.
Thanks again.

April 30, 2015

Had a full day of rehearsal and auditions today. Had several guitars and never took this one off! It literally works for every tune. I have never bonded with a guitar like this one! Love the beautiful chime like Kossoff got that I could never replicate after a hundred pickups and dozens of guitars. Wish I would have found u sooner!!
All the best and thanks again!!

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry –

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you with feedback – the guitar arrived with no problems and looks amazing!

Ever since the guitar arrived, I’ve been playing more than I have in the past 5 years! The guitar is a real joy to play and it’s even got me back to playing my home-assembled Strat (Fender parts & Rio Grande pickups).

As I look at all the other guitars hanging on my wall (1973 Gibson SG, Carvin DC127 [teak neck and wings], Epiphone Dot, Warrior Soldier, Variax, Epiphone LPs, and a few others), I’m beginning to realize that I probably won’t be playing many of them in the future. I expect that I’ll keep the SG, Dot and Variax, but I’ll be listing the others on eBay sometime soon…

One thing that I’ve noticed is that the difference between the PG and regular HB sounds is sometimes quite subtle. Is that your experience?

The other thing that I noticed is that I’ve been playing my guitars with too high a treble setting for more years than I’d care to admit. When I play the LCPG, I find myself starting with the tone controls almost fully counter-clockwise and then adjusting upwards from there…

April 30, 2015

I received my left handed LCPG P080 the day before yesterday. My wife, who it took much pleading to get the guitar, already had it out of the box. We all cannot get over its beauty. Being a lefty was a real bonus for the headstock inlay. It plays great. The out of phase just nails it. I did my best attempt at Merry Go Round, got through intro, and just said YES! I had a chance to play one of the newer LP STD with the out of phase and it just didn’t cut it. The pickups are amazing. Unpotted even in front of a cranked 1/2 stack, no unwanted feedback. I have never owned a guitar with true fully functional volume & tone controls. Perfect linear change 0-10. Yesterday I jammed with a friend over lunch who owns 2 historics He went on and on about all the different tones this guitar produces. Ordering this guitar was a decision I gave much thought. Last guitar and limited budget it came down to a Corsa or LP Std. I emailed Dave B a British guitar teach who posted a video from the 2013 Munich trade show. His thought as for many others was the Corsa hands down. There were others who told me I was making mistake. The guys at the local 2nd hand shop, who have quite a collection, including a real 59, said don’t. I took it by and after thorough inspection, they just said, “Damn this is a really well built beautiful guitar.” ” You were right, better than the name brand.” I have owned PRS that killed me to sell, but this guitar will never be sold. I love this guitar that was made for me the way I wanted it.

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry,
I received the guitar today. Wow!! I gotta say that it exceeded my expectations. Everything in the guitar is great. It’s THE guitar that I’ve been looking for during the last couple of years. The weight is something that is quite important to me and it has the perfect weight. The sound is amazing. Even unplugged, it sounds great. The hardware…top notch. The guitar travelled around the the world and it’s still tuned! So hats off for the Faber hardware and tuners.
The case is great quality again. I also liked the not-so-smooth neck. It feels really nice. Or at least I like it.
For a couple of minutes I even thought about selling my other guitars and just keeping this one. Honestly, it’s great and I feel very happy about making the decision of getting one of yours.
I will be sending you some photos in the next couple of days. Thanks for sharing all the process and for taking the time to answer all my questions and emails 🙂

April 30, 2015

Larry –
I first wanted to thank you. And second wanted to just let you know this thing is ridiculous. I absolutely love it. This is the most nuanced guitar i have ever played. Completely responsive to every touch, every strum, every turn of the knob. The out of phase tone nails PG perfectly, and does real well with some Jimmy Page as well! I absolutely love it, and the pictures do it no justice. This thing is more beautiful than I thought possible…The case is gorgeous, great color combo too…

April 30, 2015

Hi, Larry,
…It plays like a dream.
I like the frets,similar to the 6105 on my 79′ custom and stratocaster(both recently refretted),and the neck profile suits me very well.
I am finding bending and vibrato a breeze and very accurate.
Tonally it nails the Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac tones 110%, whether OOP or individual pickups, and the controls are very responsive.
The guitar also seems to have a touch sensitivity all of its own, compared to my custom and R8, and it also manages to sound very vintage through my Marshall 1974x instant Clapton bluesbreaker tone.
Excellent tone, excellent build quality and playability, super pickups and hardware ,nice case, colour of my choice and a bargain price to boot.
Thank you for a pleasurable and unique buying experience and an excellent instrument.
I just need one with P90,s and oh a double cut junior would be nice!

April 30, 2015

Manalishi 058 is amazing in every way. I can’t remember if I sent you a message regarding this yet but thank you for it! I love the color, the tone, the neck, and the pickups. A friend of mine who owned a guitar-centric music store for 30 years and who has had innumerable Gibson LPs over the years, to include two 59s, says its the best Les Paul he’s ever played. I can’t thank you enough!

April 30, 2015

Received my LCPG P065 the other day and when I opened up the case I was just in shock of what a beautiful guitar that you made for me. The whole guitar is Top Notch in quality, craftsmanship, and I am very happy with it. The feel from the “NTN Aged Finish is awesome to the feel of your hand and also in looks. The tone that you get out of this guitar either in the clean channel or with overdrive is perfect. Even in the Out of Phase or In-Phase setting. The Manalishi Pickups are outstanding! I am so glad that I came across your guitars at my local guitar store in San Jose, California. Everyday I use to look on the web to see just pictures of other peoples Gibson Les Pauls and now I am always searching for your Corsa guitars and am always now on your website looking at pics and can’t get enough of it. My LCPG P065 I can’t put down out of my hands. I am always looking for time to play this guitar. I currently sold my Slash Les Paul Vermillion to order another one of your guitars and can’t wait for that one to be finished and to add another Corsa guitar to my other Corsa. I could not have asked for such a better sounding and a better quality guitar than a LARRY CORSA “CORSA” guitar. To me, Gibson branded is just a name on a headstock that you pay extra for. Corsa Guitars are second to none in everything that you can ask for in a guitar that is made just for you. Larry Corsa, he is just an awesome guy that you get top notch service, quality and is such a pleasure to do business with. Larry Corsa is always in my prayers now, I love this guy for what he has put into my hands…

April 30, 2015

Hello Larry
Seems that Santa Corsa came a little early this year and dropped off the most unbelievable present for me today.
It absolutely stopped me dead in my tracks. I just stood there staring. When I finally got the nerve to pick it up and hold on to it I was over the moon. Everything about it, fit and finish the feel of the wood and colors, the aging on the tuners and metals really blew me away. This spells pure quality !!!!!
I’ll give it good sound check this weekend and keep you advised…

April 30, 2015

Hey Larry,
I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.
Luv the guitar !! It sounds great, plays great (the neck is very nice) and it looks awesome !
I also wanted to say how much I appreciated the process; working with you as we went along with the little decisions that had to be made, etc., your updates, the pictures, recommendations, etc.
It was a pleasure; you are a true professional and artist.
Thanks again, man. I luv all three of my Corsa Guitars.

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry,
I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving holiday.
Just to let you know, “Honey” arrived safely – damn quick as well. She arrived at my flat yesterday, so that was a fantastic surprise for when I got home from work. Incredibly, she arrived before the certificate!
She’s absolutely fantastic. Everything you said she would be (and I hoped she’d be) and more. The looks in themselves make her something special. The sound though is fantastic – the pickups are wonderfully articulate both clean and distorted … the sustain is absolutely phenomenal. She absolutely drips tone … she really has the “mojo.”
I’ll write a better review when I have had chance to play her more. All I can say is – superb job Larry – thanks so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I thank you for creating something very, very special. If you are ever in London the beers are on me! All the best, J.B.

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry,
Thank you so much for the wonderful guitar! I put many hours on it over the weekend, and I love it. It is immensely playable, and the ’59 neck is a perfect fit for me. Everything about it is top notch, and I’m extremely impressed with your work. It feels and plays so well. I’m also really enjoying the pickups. They have a tremendous range of tone, and the out-of-phase sounds are really interesting and cool. I just received a new amp yesterday (Top Hat Emplexador), and #44 sounds insane through it. They are a match made in heaven. I seriously couldn’t put it down last night. It looks incredible as well. The NTN finish is fantastic, and it feels like real wood, not plastic. The top screams vintage, and has so many subtle things going on. I couldn’t be happier with it…
…Congrats on what you’ve accomplished with these guitars. They are fantastic, and I hope word continues to spread about them. I’m very happy to have one, and having my special #44 is the icing on the cake. Thanks again. 🙂

April 30, 2015

Hi, Larry,
I couldn’t put down the guitar tonight, and not because it is a new guitar. It really sounds great, and I’m enjoying playing it. I’ve never had an electric guitar that sustained so well and had that tone I wanted. It sounds the same unplugged as it sounds plugged in, which is unusual! That’s great for playing in the living room, kitchen, etc. at night. I was walking around the house playing all night like I did when I was younger. My playing was a little nervous and shoddy this morning being excited to try the guitar (what should I play now?), but now the guitar feels very comfortable and natural in my hands, and I can play effortlessly. The neck is just right for me, I think.

April 30, 2015

Hey Mr. Larry! How’s everything? I must say that I LOVE MY LCPG!!! Absolutely 110% happy lol, and not only the tones but the hardware and cosmetics are second to none!

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry,

I have been playing guitar since 1964. I have had a ton of Les Pauls over the years, not so many when I was a kid or when I was in college, but I have had standards, Historics, customs, reissues, etc. I think this just may be the best Lester I have ever had. It is still early but I have never had one where the tone just knocked me out so suddenly. #41 arrived late Wed. afternoon. I unpacked it, tweaked the truss rod plugged in and started playing. I took it to my gig that night thinking I might try it out on one or 2 tunes. I wound up playing it for the entire 3 hour gig. I kept thinking, does this thing really sound as good as I think it does? It did and it does.
Thanks for the great guitar!

April 30, 2015

The guitar arrived in Mount Sterling early this morning and I picked her up and gave her a test drive and she’s playing FANTASTIC!!!!! Just absolutely amazing job and everything I had always hoped for!!!! I can’t say that I have 1000 top of the line guitars which is why I put so much time and effort into researching how my money would best be spent investing in a high end guitar. After much time, some e-mails, phone calls and posts to forums I came across a handful of past customers who did own the best that companies like Gibson had to offer and the consensus was that a Corsa guitar was the best value, the best quality and most importantly the best tone of any les paul available today.

Though I coveted the brand name, once I began to research Corsa Guitars, looking at the specs and building materials on the site, researching forums for how other owners compared them to the Gibson Reissues and customs and checking out the clips on youtube it became undoubtedly clear to me that if I wanted the BEST guitar possible, I would have to buy a Corsa….and boy am I glad I did!!!! A love affair ensued from the moment I laid eyes on my Corsa Manalishi; while I expected to receive a well built instrument I was blown away at just how perfect the guitar was. I was astounded at the fit and finish of the instrument, the beauty of the finish, it’s play-ability, comfort and weight but most of all it’s tone!!!! My Manalishi made my Marshall JVM 410h really come to life and sound like the amp it is, in that it sounded so much more open and clear while remaining focused and balanced at the same time.

Whether I’m playing smooth jazz, texas blues, classic rock, thrash or modern metal the Corsa just oozes tone inspiring me to play and record more!!! Thank you Larry for an amazing instrument, outstanding customer service and helping me realize a dream I’ve had for many years; may the Lord bless you in all you do!!!!

April 30, 2015

Larry, first off let me say that I originally was intrigued by the guitars on your website based solely on the way they looked. I have truly never seen any custom-made guitars (and I’ve seen a lot) that come close to yours with respect to the quality of the wood, construction, hardware and finish. Then I listened to/watched your videos and was intrigued by the Manalishi pickups and the unique tone of these pickups both in and out of phase. Now that I have one (LCPG-P040) in my hands let me just say, your are a master builder. I have owned no less than 25 guitars (still own about 21) of all shapes/sizes/values including a Gibson Les Paul with Tim Shaw pickups and have done all my own rewiring of pickups with RS gear. Your LCPG puts them all to shame, including the Gibsons!

To my eye, the visuals of the LCPG are stunning and the feel and playability are like no other. The ’59 neck, nitro finish and perfect string/pickup adjustment allow for amazing chord and fingering progression and make me a much better player. The pickups in all positions have finally allowed me to achieve the tone I’ve been chasing for years. The middle position out of phase would be sufficient all by itself, but the variation in tonal qualities that I can achieve with small adjustments in the bridge and neck volume pots appear to be infinite in number.

In short, I could not possibly be more pleased with the guitar from a visual, playability, tone, and value standpoint and want to extend to you my sincere appreciation of your hard work and attention to detail, not to mention the gentlemanly way that you conduct business. I will certainly refer other clients to you when the opportunity arises and, who knows, maybe I’ll take a crack at a Manalishi some day. I wish you and yours the best, you deserve it for the pleasure you have given others like myself.

April 30, 2015

Hi, Larry,
Your first Polish customer is probably the most satisfied LP player in this part ot the World! I finally got my guitar (LCPG-P035) set up and I’m over the moon! This baby sounds like a burst, it really does. The bridge pickup simply delivers the goods. This Koss/Clapton type of sound that I’ve been chasing for years is right there under my fingers with your product! Absolutely stunning. The neck pickup is smooth as silk. Not to mention middle position and endless tone variations you can get out of it.
The guitar is resonant as hell. Extremely loud acoustically and you can feel vibrations going to your body. The neck is wonderful as well. Forget all these reissues! I’ve owned many guitars and circa 10 lp’s, including 3 custom shop reissues and this guitar sounds and plays waaaay better than all these expensive guitars.
All you need with a guitar like this is a proper amp and a cable. It responds to picking dynamics, adjusting volume and tone on guitar knobs just like it should.
My luthier did a great job as well. The lowest action I’ve ever had on an lp type of guitar!
Larry, thank you very much for making this great guitar. It made my life better.
Best Regards,
Next one will be a black magic!!!!

April 30, 2015


This note is long over due, but I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am with my Corsa guitars. To be able to work with a builder, who is also a player, and understands the wants and needs of a guitarist is a true pleasure and joy.

I’ve spent years culling a collection of guitars that hovers between 40 to 50 guitars at all times. I was ordering custom guitars before any of the big brands even thought of starting a Custom Shop. I am the original owner of some vintage gear, which makes me even more than vintage, “Naturally Reliced” perhaps? Playing wise I believe I’m still just a pentatonic hack. However I know I am really good at finding great guitars for tone and playability.

When I got a hold of one of your Standard Faded LGPC Modded guitars a few years ago, I knew it was something special, and quickly became one of my “Go To” guitars. When you went in to production of your own guitars, I was anticipating it would be on par with my Standard Faded, but with my specs. Well, all I can say is that LCPG-010, on all levels, is a vastly superior guitar. Better in fit, finish, neck shape, sustain, string clarity, the range of your Manalishi Pick-ups, playability and most importantly, TONE. My once “Go To” Standard Faded quickly became a Case Queen, to the point of me letting it go.

Now, after adding Manilishi #015 and LCPG-#025 to the fold, I am presented with the dilemma of deciding which Corsa I want to play. Not a bad problem to contend with!

All the best,
Scott L.

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry, the guitar sounds amazing! I’m a big Gary Moore fan, and it nailed those tones right away through my Soldano! Best bridge pickup I have ever heard. Definitely sounds better than my (Gibson LP Standard Faded) LCPG #179, sad to say it but it’s true. I will meet with Andy tonight and give him the guitar. We’ll keep in touch…I’m thinking of getting a black one from you…amazing tone! Best regards, Paul.

April 30, 2015

After playing this guitar in live settings for approximately a month, my Corsa Manalishi #023 has become my #1 Peter Green style guitar, and that includes 3 Les Pauls modified by Larry himself. The sound, feel, sustain, playability, etc. of my Manalishi exceeds all these qualities in the Gibsons. The pickups, upgraded Faber hardware, resonance, chambered design, and lightly finished exterior, all add up to a beautiful looking, sounding, and playing instrument that I play with pride in all venues. Maximum tone and sound variety with these “Manalishi” pickups are the centerpiece of this wonderful guitar! But the feel of the neck and the responsiveness of the fretboard make it nearly impossible to put down. The Manalishi works great for all the songs in my repertoire, but it is breathtaking when playing “Peter Green era” Fleetwood Mac songs. I am very happy with this remarkable musical tool. Added bonus is the very cool “Manalishi logo” Corsa case with a gorgeous interior! Thanks Larry for doing your homework in terms of design and creation of such a special instrument!

Dave Mell

April 30, 2015

Hey Larry!

Just spent a very enjoyable few hours playing MAN-012 – absolutely stunning, and in a very different way to P005 – they complement each other very well, and I’m very happy to say I love them both :-). Those slightly hotter Manalishis really howl on MAN-012 – I’ll be rehearsing with my band tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to cranking it up :-). The biggest difference I notice is actually on the wound strings (new sets on both guitars) – they’re both super-resonant and both guitars scream similarly on the unwound strings, but it seems like MAN-012 shouts a little louder in the lower register, which is great for some of the stuff I play. I also notice even more resonance on MAN-012 – it’s got sustain like a Duracell battery! I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow in the studio.

So I played MAN-012 in the rehearsal studio last night – sounded INCREDIBLE cranked up – so much bite, definition, depth and clarity – really amazing, and the best cranked tone I’ve heard from my (now quite large!) collection of guitars… Very very happy 🙂

I was rehearsing again tonight by the way – brought along MAN-012 and my other “go-to” guitar – MAN-012 killed it! Amazing… Pete C.

April 30, 2015

“…I also have two CV Guitars, they are called PG Mods; Larry Corsa puts them together using Les Paul Standard fadeds with Manalishi pickups with an out-of-phase Peter Green setup, and they are great guitars, too. They’ve got great tone…”
Steve Miller, from an interview in Vintage Guitar Magazine

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry,
Hope you are doing well and enjoying the New Year. Long email to you: but lots of info that I think you will find interesting.

As I mentioned to you in an earlier email, I have finally got around to comparing my two ‘out of phase’ Larry Corsa guitars. The fabulous Manny #13 (aka Lucky) and my 2008 LCPG #175.
Let me describe a few ground rules and constants:
– new strings (10’s) on both guitars ,
– both guitars set-up identically as far as neck relief, string/bridge height, pickup height, tuning; and intonation was
checked and perfect on both guitars.
– Manny#13 is 7# 4oz and #175 is 7# 8oz. Very close in weight. But I’ll tell you; I never thought that I could feel
a four ounce difference in a guitar – but I can with your babies!

Amp was a 15W Fender Blues Jr. that has been re-done by my amp guru to point-to-point instead of the Chinese circuit board and a ceramic 30W Weber Blue Bulldog installed. Sounds like an old Princeton (with reverb) on steroids. Can play very clean or can have a nice break-up and bite. At both low volumes or loud. Set the amp settings to best fit a Les Paul with humbuckers and left the amp alone. No tweaks between the two guitars.

Plugged in the #175 first. Sounds great. Neck p/u only is super; bridge has that PAF bite; and your out-of-phase with both p/u’s and the volume/tone controls all turned up to 10 is classic PG. Lots of sustain in any pickup setting and position.
So now – plug in Manny #13. OMG! First thing that you notice is that the pickups sound like they are wound hotter (and I know that they are not). Manny just sings in any pickup position. Love the neck tone and love the bridge tone. In the middle position (again, both vol/tone to 10) – much more articulation in the out-of-phase tone. Much more sustain. Sounds a little less ‘nasally’ and has much more spank. Stunning! I’ve been playing guitar for almost 35 years and I have never played, owned – or even heard anything like this. Of course, I’ve never owned or played (or known anyone that has owned) and old ’59/’60 Les Paul Standard. But this is what they must sound like. I am totally blown away.

Larry – don’t be mad or upset with me – but there is no comparison!! Your LCPG’s are great. I’ve told you in the past that they put my Gibson Custom Shop 1958 ReIssue to shame. But these Manalishi’s are the absolute Holy Grail.

I just turned 59 years old the end of this past November. I have two kids in college at the same time. But I have one more good guitar left in me before I retire (or God forbid, die before my time). I am thinking of moving several of my good guitars to good homes and using the money to buy one more Manalishi from you. I have to do this before you decide to stop this current guitar-building gig and retire to play Peter Green solos all day long.

Long message but I wanted to give you the results of my A vs B test. And it’s a fairly scientific test if I might add. But my friend, you Manalishi’s are like nothing I’ve ever owned – or heard – before.
Best regards and stay in touch with me,

April 30, 2015


I apologize for not having written sooner. Hopefully this review will have been worth the wait.

Man-011 arrived on time, as promised. Your packaging was superlative. I think I could have put the box in the cage with the gorilla (as seen in the old Samsonite luggage commercials) and the guitar would not have suffered a scratch.

The Faber case in which the guitar was placed is beautiful.

Now, to the guitar.

I had it delivered to my office. I was working in the hospital all day and kind of forgot about the fact that Man-011 was scheduled to arrive that day. I got back to the office a little after 5:00 pm when the last employee was walking out the door. As she stepped into the elevator, she shouted back to me “Hey! There’s a big box that came today with your name on it. I stuck it in your office. See you tomorrow.” I walked into my office and made sure everyone had gone home. I wanted to open it in peace, without a bunch of folks hovering around. I carefully opened the box, removed the bubble wrap, and pulled the case out. I sat it on a patient exam table. I unlatched the case, and opened it.

I had to catch my breath. I couldn’t even touch it for a minute. I just stared at it. Then I picked it up. It was light! It seemed weightless in my hands–I expected the usual 8 or 9 lbs. (I played a 1985 LP standard once that weighed almost 11 lbs.), and this weighs 6 lbs. 10 oz. (3.01 kg). Amazing.

The cherry burst NTN finish is a work of art, pure and simple. This is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen, and I started playing back in 1972. I am not kidding. I could mount it on the wall of any modern art museum. The nickel-plated Faber tailpiece and bridge, along with the aged nickel pick-up covers and vintage Kluson tuners, makes the guitar appear as if it were transported through time, from 1966 to present day. I am not sure it wasn’t (see next paragraph). The action is the equal of an Les Paul, ever. Fluid.

I ran home and plugged it into my Fender Blues Deluxe Re-issue. I have since played it on a Marshall JTM-45 and a Peavy Delta Blues 1×15. The tone is…..well, I don’t have words for it. The Manalishi pick-ups, I believe, may in fact have been manufactured somewhere outside of this solar system. NASA has requested a closer look, as have the folks from SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence), but I have refused to let them have the guitar. The sustain and tone, particularly from the neck pick-up, is just plain ridiculous. A single note seems to go on forever. The varieties of tone are limitless. It can go from an almost jazz-like tone, to a growly blues, to a high-pitched scream. The out-of-phase pick-ups really do replicate the tones heard on Peter Green’s recordings. Amazing.

A friend of mine recently bought a Gibson Custom Shop 1960 LP Standard Re-issue for $5000.00. Then he played the Man-011. He offered to trade me straight-up, on the spot. No joke. I thought he was kidding at first, but he was serious. I thanked him for his generous offer, but declined. Jimmy Page could offer to trade me one of his old LP’s and I would have to turn him down.

In short, you have a very, very, very satisfied owner of a one-of-a kind Corsa guitar. Thank you, my friend. The Man-011 will be loved and played for many years, and when I go to the Great Recording Studio in the Sky, it will be handed down to my son (who is becoming quite good) with his promise to me that Man-011 will be handed down to his son.


Brad L.

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry,

The guitar arrived safe and sound today. I only had a chance to play it very briefly before I had to leave but I am beyond impressed and love it. I will write you back later with my full impressions but I wanted to thank you for a first class product and amazing communication throughout. You were a pleasure to deal with. James

(Note: James also wrote a more thorough review on the My Les Paul Forum, which can be seen here:

April 30, 2015

It is “all that”. Great fret work, awesome electronics, sweet finish work and assembly, great neck angle and being a fan of V necks you’ve nailed what a real ’50’s Gibson neck feels like. Super guitar, leaving town now but already anxious to get home Sunday to play it more.

I raised the bridge pick up 2 turns on bass side and 1 on treble side and got what I wanted.
First gig went well with the guitar, used a Carr Rambler and a Full drive and had killer tone, both the drummer and front man commented on how good I sounded, after 5 years with Eric it is the first time, he turned around and said “I love that guitar!”.
My bud and local hotshot blues player is in love with it and is begging to buy it…. No dice, you may get a call from…
Curt O.

April 30, 2015

Hi Larry,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you with the holidays and all. I hope yours were good.
Well, I’ve been playing the new Corsa #22 (LCPG-P022) since I got it. Great, awesome guitar man! Light weight but sustains forever. The tone is a bit more airy and less bright than my (Gibson Faded) LCPG-022 from you.
Really nice blues tone. I love it.
You da man! I’ll be keeping both of my # 22’s forever.
Thanks again Larry,
Rich S.

April 30, 2015

Received THE guitar today July 11th.
I am totally satisfied; can you say ‘sustain’?
The range of tone beats out any Les Paul I have played in the past. Even tho I’m no pro musician, I have played a lot of different makes and your Corsa is by far the most satisfying; there is a fullness in any pickup position. Highly recommended!
Thanks for the shirt, strings, pick guard and the fine well-finished guitar!

April 30, 2015

Larry, Guitar arrived today (P015), in tune, great action, ready to play. Aside from the birth marks here or there, I think I like this one better than the first one (P014). The first one is very nice – without a doubt – but this one seems to have more classic les paul character. LCPG 14 is woolier; LCPG 15 has grind. Both of them a fantastic. Love the neck carve on the new one. Love. It. Perfect fit for my hand. The bigger one works fine too, especially on such a light guitar.

April 30, 2015

Today I brought P003 to our friend from Switzerland, Andy Hägle, for oiling the fretbord; it took over an hour…not to oil, but to play!

Larry, he´s so excited about your guitar; he asked me to tell you that it’s the best sounding LP he ever played. Andy wants to keep P003 till we come home and Norbert is proud about Andy´s reaction!

April 30, 2015

Let me tell you that my guitar (P006) has just arrived this morning – safe and in a good state. Thanks for the prompt delivery. I’m very happy with this excellent instrument. its not only the wonderful look but also the warm powerful and brilliant sound that I love from the very first moment. it has everything what i have looked for. Its a masterpiece!

Thank you very much for your efforts and your well done manufacturing. The small scratch isn’t worth mentioning. I didn’t hardly notice it. I will have a good time with this guitar and I’m sure it will give me much inspiration. Looking forward to our meeting next August in Switzerland.

The more I play P006, the more I love the guitar. Awesome sustain I’ve never had before! Thanks a lot!

April 30, 2015

Hey, Larry, I’ve since had the opportunity to try P005 through all my various different amps, and A/B her against all my other guitars, and I’m just totally over the moon. The acoustic energy that I can *physically* feel from 005 is just sensational, and yet at the same time the tone is so airy and open that it makes it a pleasure to try and tease finer and finer increments of expression and subtlety from the strings. A real-eye opener, and I’m truly grateful!

In the meantime, I’ve been playing 005 non-stop since I got back, with all the rest of my guitars fully boxed up and tucked away in the corner (this is a real turn-up for me – I normally have most of them out and just flit between them – and there’s basically no need now). So my girlfriend is over the moon as well – another side benefit to a Corsa guitar!

After another couple of weeks to continue adjusting to the guitar, I have to say another sincere thank you for your amazing workmanship and product design. I know a lot of people talk about the wonderful “acoustic” sound from a truly good electric, but it’s something that I’ve never appreciated before. In the last fortnight though, I’ve genuinely barely plugged 008 into an amp – I’m just loving playing acoustically (it’s frankly LOUD enough already!) and the woody tone just jumps out of the front. Truly amazing.

I’ll almost certainly want to pick up another one of these wonderful guitars (or perhaps a Manalishi?) in the future.

Congratulations on the great progress that you’re making on the new Corsas, and on all the new orders – long may they continue!

April 30, 2015

Got the guitars (P002 & P004) this afternoon safe and sound and was able to play them both before I had to head to Seattle, they are GREAT. I love the way they look feel and sound, smokin! Thank you very much. I’ll be back home in the middle of next week and put them to work. More later.

April 30, 2015